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Clinical Services

nurse conducting informed consentOur research nurses have years of clinical and critical care nursing experience as well as research experience.

To discuss how we can help you with the clinical aspects of your study, please contact our Clinic Coordinator:
Catherine Bunce
(585) 275-5744


  • Special phone tree design directs incoming calls through staff hierarchy - to increase number of calls answered and decrease calls going into voice mail
  • Research Assistant fields volunteer inquiries
  • Phone tree, e-mail, website, and social media used to promote the study

Conducting Your Study

  • Ability to screen, enroll, and follow participants for the duration of the study
  • Perform ongoing QC and QA on research records
  • High level of retention ( >90%)
  • Flexible clinic hours to accommodate the needs of the participant
  • Ability to collect mucosal samples
  • Expertise in Adverse Event reporting