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About Us

The Nephrology Division at the University of Rochester Medical Center provides all of the inpatient and outpatient nephrology care to patients at Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, and FF Thompson Hospital.

  • Inpatient care revolves around acute consults, often of patients with renal failure, care of transplant patients, and provision of dialysis services. All patients who have received, or are about to receive, a kidney transplant are followed by the Nephrology Division. All admitted patients who are on dialysis are followed and receive dialysis treatments supervised by nephrologists during their hospital stay.
  • Outpatient services consist of initial and follow-up consultations referred from a wide geographic area. In addition we follow over 550 chronic dialysis patients and 900 patients who have received a kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant. All donor and recipient kidney transplant evaluations are performed by nephrology.

Our clinical program is divided into inpatient consultation, outpatient consultation, dialysis, and transplant.