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Bridge Art Gallery

Bridge Art GalleryPlease note: As of November 25, Strong Memorial Hospital has implemented a zero-visitation policy. With the exception of visitors for pediatric patients, patients with cognitive impairment, end-of-life patients, and patients in labor, virtually all in-person visits will cease to protect our patients, their loved ones and our staff.

As such, the Bridge Art Gallery will be closed to the public until further notice.

For more information please email

The Bridge Art Gallery aims to provide a space for local artists to display their artwork, while at the same time creating a comforting and therapeutic environment for patients, families, and employees. Our hope is to diminish the stigma and hesitance associated with entering our part of the Medical Center.

The gallery holds three shows a year with a spring show dedicated to high school artists. We do not charge a submission fee; however, there is a requirement to mat to our specifications. We send out a “Call for Art” through our Facebook page, submission instructions are included. There is an internal selection committee that chooses the art for each show.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information and a look at past art displayed.

Bridge Art Gallery

Upcoming Events​

Deadline: January 8th, 2020

We are excited to announce the call for art for our next exhibition, Youth for Racial Justice: Not A Moment But A Movement. This exhibit is held in partnership with Pediatric Behavioral Health & Wellness Outpatient Services. 


Please note we don't have any more pick-up times scheduled. If you need to pick up your work from a past show, please call or email to give advance warning as pieces are not stored in our new area.