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RocCity Signers LLC

Sign language proficient staff
Short Description:
Community-based American Sign Language (ASL) education for all ages and abilities
Detailed Description:
RocCity Signers LLC offers ASL education from birth up. Babies and Kiddos classes use Baby Signing Time and Signing Time materials, respectively. Grown-Ups classes come in two "flavors" - traditional ASL courses taught by native ASL signers and "survival signs" courses offered by RCS founder, deaf educator and ASL linguist, Susan Rizzo. Classes, workshops and school break camps are designed to appeal to both hearing and deaf participants eager to learn and interact using ASL.
11 Goodman Street North
Suite 15
Rochester, NY 14607

Contact Person: Susan Rizzo
Phone: 585-969-3275
Fax: none
VP: none
TTY: none