Communication & Dissemination Committee

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The NCDHR Communication & Dissemination Committee (C&D) is charged with increasing public awareness about NCDHR activities. The C&D also focuses on ways to make NCDHR a bilingual center (ASL and English). Dissemination of the Center's news and communications includes the following:

  • Healthy Signs monthly newsletter
  • Maintenance of the NCDHR Web site
  • News Releases
  • Exhibitions & Booths
  • Presentations in American Sign Language
  • Other Internet sources (i.e., Facebook)
  • Vlog production


Individuals who are members of the C&D Committee include:

  • Communication Team Leader (Chair)
  • Selected individuals invited by the C&D chair, with expertise and interest in Deaf and hard-of-hearing issues, medicine and healthcare, public and media relations, information technology, journalism, or related background. Membership is voluntary. There are no term limits.

Current Members

Mary Chizuk Thomas Coughlan Colleen Evenstad

Mary Chizuk, RN, MSed

Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (HL2)



Rochester Community Based Outpatient Clinic, US Department of Veterans Affairs

Thomas Coughlan, MS

Data Architecture Administrator, Xerox Corp.

Colleen Evenstad, MS

ASL Instructor, NTID

Chris Kelley Chris Lehfeldt Greg Livadas

Chris Kelley, CI/CT

Certified Interpreter, Independent Contractor, DHCC member

Chris Lehfeldt, DDS

Dentist, Elmwood Dental Group

Greg Livadas

Director of Media Relations, NTID

Jamie Marsden

Jamie Marsden, MSSED

Secretary IV

Research Opportunities

Deaf Health Survey 2013

DHS 2013 thermometer

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To sign up for this survey, email Kelly Matthews.