Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (HL2)

The Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (formally called the Exploratory Task Force) is a community committee that partners with RPRC:NCDHR. The purpose of this group is to identify strengths/resources of people with hearing loss, as well as prioritize topics for health research. Members of the HL2 include leaders form the Rochester community of people with hearing loss, the health and healthcare community, researchers, and other interested community organizations. The HL2 will also identify and invite any groups they feel may be missing from the group. They meet monthly at the Saunders Research Building. For more information regarding the HL2, please contact Jamie Marsden (

News and Updates

April 4, 2014

HL2 has recently completed their Governance Guidelines. To view the HL2 Governance Guidelines, click here.



The HL2 completed a report from a survey that was administered amongst members of the HL2 regarding determining health priorities of people with hearing loss. To see the completed document, click here.

The primary members that contributed to this document are Mary Chizuk, Elise DePapp, Don Bataille, and Bess Herbert.

Don Bataille Mary Chizuk Elise DePapp Bess Herbert

Don Bataille

Mary Chizuk

Elise DePapp

Bess Herbert


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