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Agencies/Organizations/Buildings Research/Clinical based grants/projects
NCDHR Committees and Boards Common terms used in research
Community-Based Grants/Projects/Programs Other acronyms used at NCDHR

Printable PDF document of the Acronyms.


RPRC Rochester Prevention Research Center
NCDHR National Center for Deaf Health Research
CCH Center for Community Health
FLHSA Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
Bridges to the Dr. Program A collaborative training program with UR/RIT; also called "R25"
NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf
RIT Rochester Institute of Technology
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
PRC Prevention Research Centers
RCIL Regional Center for Independent Living
URMC University of Rochester Medical Center
U of R University of Rochester
DWC Deaf Wellness Center
NIH National Institute of Health
DOH Department of Health
CTSI Clinical and Translational Science Institute
RSD Rochester School for the Deaf
RRCD Rochester Recreational Club for the Deaf
SRB Saunders Research Building
CRC Clinical Research Center (at URMC)

NCDHR Committees and Boards

DHCC Deaf Health Community Committee
NEAC National External Advisory Committee
HL2 Healthy Living with Hearing Loss
LPAB Local Partner Advisory Board
NCC National Community Committee

Community-based Grants/Projects/Programs

HEART Health Engagement and Action for Rochester's Transformation (also known as CTG)
CTG Community Transformation Grant (also known as HEART)
HLAA Hearing Loss Association of America (National HLAA and also Rochester, NY Chapter)
RATFA Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS
SHAC Smoking & Health Action Coalition of Monroe County
HBPC High Blood Pressure Collaborative
TWG Translation Work Group
DHS Deaf Health Survey
DPP Diabetes Prevention Program
Deaf Strong Hospital Medical students role-act as patients and deaf volunteers role-act as doctors
Deaf Health Talk Monthly health talks on health concerns

Research/Clinical based grants/projects

DWW Deaf Weight Wise
DWW VP Deaf Weight Wise Videophone Pilot
DWW 2.0 Deaf Weight Wise Version 2.0
IC An experimental study on informed consent in research studies
DSH Deaf Strong Hospital
R01 NIH Research Project Grant
R21 Exploratory/Developmental Grant
SIP Special Interest Project
T32 NIH Institutional National Research Service Award
K award or K01 NIH Postdoctoral award to support 3-5 years of mentored research training
R25 NIH grant to support a research program in education, dissemination of information, or additional training in a field of research (Bridges to the Doctorate Program)
DHP Deaf Health Pathway - URMC Medical school elective series related to deaf aspects in medical care (communication, culture, medical care)

Common Terms Used in Research

PI Principal Investigator
CBPR Community-Based Participatory Research
HSPP Human Subject Protection Program
FOA Funding Opportunity Announcement
NOA Notice of Award
IRB Institutional Review Board
RFA Request for Application
RFP Request for Proposals
LOI Letter of Intent

Other Acronyms used at NCDHR

AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
CAB Community Advisory Board
EPRP Ethical Principals in Research Program
GG Governance Guidelines
MCDOH Monroe County Department of Health
NIDCD National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
PRCO Prevention Research Center Office
YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Survey