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June 2015 newsletterJune 2015

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News Blasts

January 19 2016 News BlastJanuary 19, 2016

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Archive Newsletters and News Blasts


November 30, 2015 News Blast

  • RPRC/NCDHR attends the Rochester Deaf Festival
  • HL2 Member Presents at the 2015 National ADA Symposium, Atlanta GA

November 18, 2015 News Blast

  • RPRC/NCDHR at the National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting: Kelly Matthews and Lori DeWindt as Keynote speakers

Feb 2015

  • First Town Hall Meeting: Discussing Results from Deaf Health Survey 2013
  • Data Blitz at the University of Rochester: Hosted by the RPRC
  • New Scholars in the Bridges Program: Lorne Farovich

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Dec 2014

  • RPRC's New Approach to Community Engagement
  • Prevention Research Centers Meeting
  • NCDHR to Give a Presentation
  • Gloria Wink Presents to UR
  • New Scholars in the Bridges Program
  • CDC Grants Awarded to RPRC: Funding new projects
  • Day of Hearing HL2 Presentation
  • Where are they now? Jennifer Hu
  • Fall Conference on CBPR: RPRC/NCDHR Attends

Oct 2014

  • Farm Stand Close Out: Last Farm stand for 2014 season
  • HL2 Attends Upcoming Event: Mark your calendars

Sept 2014

  • Deaf Strong Hospital 2014: Educating another generation of future doctors
  • A Collaboration Between UR and RIT
  • HL2 Co-Chair Don W. Bataille is Acknowledged
  • HLAA Rochester Gives Back
  • Visitors from Japan: Eager to learn about RPRC's research and education
  • Farm Stand 2014: Save the date for the Harvest Festival

June 2014

  • Deaf Health Survey 2013: The clock is ticking! Take the survey today!
  • HL2 and the Accomplishments to Date: Part 2
  • DHCC Recent Events
  • URMC Diversity Conference: Lori DeWindt reports on NCDHR's Contributions
  • Farm Stand at the Rochester Recreational Club for the Deaf: Coming soon!

March 2014

  • New Deaf Health Survey 2013 Video: Have you taken the survey yet?
  • HL2 and the Accomplishments to Date
  • DHCC Announcement: 2nd Finger Lakes Deaf Health Fair
  • National Community Committee Meeting: A report from Mary Chizuk Co-Chair of the HL2
  • Where are they now? Tiffany Panko
  • Million Hearts Rochester Breastfeeding Coalition

January 2014

  • Happy New Year! A Message from the Director
  • Who Works at NCDHR? Meet the staff
  • New NCDHR Website: Stay tuned for more updates!
  • NCDHR Hosts a Medical Student
  • Farm Stand Finale: Harvest Festival ends the Farm Stand for 2013
  • Deaf Health Survey 2013: FAQs
  • DHCC News Briefs from 2013: An update and plans to come. Written by Val Nelson-Metlay
  • HL2 News Briefs from 2013: Written by Elise DePapp

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August 2013

  • Don't Miss NCDHR's Community Forums! Planning the next 5 years
  • NCDHR Launches a New Survey: Deaf Health Survey 2013
  • Discovering Deaf Worlds: NCDHR receives a Visit from the Philippines
  • Rochester Deaf Festival 2013: An Update
  • External Advisory Committee: Friends reunite and welcome the new
  • Summer Interns: NCDHR welcomes 4 student interns
  • Dr. Thomas Pearson (TAP): An Important Announcement
  • Acceptance to APHA: Presentations and Films accepted this year
  • Completion of the Preventive Cardiology Fellowship: Dr. Lisa Lowenstein and Dr. Denise Thew

June 2013

  • DePaul Awarded Funding for Rochester View Apartments Project
  • What is a Pilot Study? by Carlene Mowl
  • Shouting Won't Help - a book review by Janet McKenna, MLS
  • Completion of the Preventive Cardiology Fellowship: Dr. Tamala David
  • The Farm Stand Returns: Set to kick off July 6th

May 2013

  • NCDHR Retreat 2013 Summary: Making plans to submit its third 5-year funding grant application
  • Finger Lakes Deaf Health Fair: A summary and recap
  • Walk4Hearing: HLAA helping those with hearing loss
  • Upcoming Events!
  • Matt Starr Lectures at St. John Fischer College
  • Deaf Mothers' Outreach in Support of Breastfeeding: The production of Vlogs
  • 2013 University of Rochester Diversity Conference: Our differences our Strength
  • Where are they now? Susan Demers-McLetchie

March 2013

  • Deaf Health Survey 2013: Help out community learn more about Deaf Health
  • Deaf Health Fair, April 20
  • Hearing Loop Installation: Making meetings accessible for people with hearing loss
  • Open House 2013: A recap for those who could not attend
  • H.E.A.R.T: An update

February 2013

  • First Open House of 2013: Come visit the Saunders Research Building for a short film viewing, community discussions, and much more!
  • DHCC to Host the First Even Deaf Health Fair
  • Where are they now? Heather Kiresbom
  • HL2 Making Strides: Determining the Health Priorities of People with Hearing Loss
  • NCDHR Supports Housing for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Residents
  • An Update on the Deaf Health Pathway Projects: Jenie George, Jennifer Choudri, and Lindsay Rubenstein
  • Lori DeWindt Reflects on her trip to the National Community-Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH) Forum

January 2013

  • DHCC Retreats: A message from Val Nelson-Metlay, Chair of the DHCC
  • Dr. Philip Zazove becomes Chair of Family Medicine
  • Dr. Michael McKee becomes the new Director of the Deaf Health Pathway
  • Research Updates from NCDHR
  • AllOut Marketing Hired
  • Dr. Robert Pollard Receives Lyon Founder's Award
  • Where are they now? Tara Holaday
  • Healthy Living with Hearing Loss: A New Community Committee

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December 2012

  • End of Year Director's Report (2012): A Message from Tomas A. Pearson
  • Grant Received for Research Study on Informed Consent
  • Are you Interested in Helping us with a Survey?
  • Updates from the Deaf Health Community Committee (DHCC)
  • NCC Meeting 2013
  • FoodLink at the Deaf Club
  • Sprinkler System Break at the SRB
  • New Staff and NCDHR

May 2012

  • The Importance of the Deaf Healthcare Survey: What are the benefits for the Deaf Community?
  • Where are they now? Heidi Thompson
  • Update on Deaf Weight Wise
  • Update on Research Opportunities at NCDHR
  • Update from Scott Smith and Denise Thew: Recruiting for their research

April 2012

  • What is Diversity? Q & A Regarding Research and Diversity at NCDHR
  • The Exploratory Task Force
  • Tiffany Panko Accepted to Medical School
  • Where are they now? Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus
  • Open House at NTID
  • Community-Engaged Health Research Methods
  • A Visit from Uganda

March 2012

  • 2008 "Deaf Health Survey" Report in an ASL Video: An ASL Adapted Video is featured on a top national public health journal
  • Research opportunities at NCDHR
  • Recruitment Events and Presentations Held this Month
  • Where are they now? Kyle Gahagan
  • 3rd Annual Deaf Strong Hospital at St. John Fisher
  • NCDHR Poster Wins Award
  • NIDCD Comment Period

February 2012

  • The Community Transformation Grant and the Development of HEART: An update
  • New Staff with NCDHR: Kathleen Jensen & Tom Coughlan
  • Retreat 2012: Solidifying NCDHR Partnerships
  • Research Opportunities: Deaf Healthcare Survey, Deaf Weight Wise, Health Literacy Study

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Winter 2011 - 2012

  • Deaf Weight Wise Screening and Enrollment Visits Have Begun!
  • Deaf Healthcare Survey Update!
  • Deaf Health Literacy and Cardiovascular Risk Study Underway! A message from Mike McKee, MD, MPH
  • Un Update on the College Deaf Health Talk Series: from Tiffany Panko
  • NCDHR Makes Headlines on the PRC Website
  • Dr. Thomas A Pearson Receives Award from Rochester School for the Deaf: October 27, 2011. An article by Keith Loria from the

September/October 2011

  • Community Transformation Grant Awarded to Rochester, NY
  • Saunders Research Building Town Hall Meeting
  • 1st College Health Talk of the Series
  • National Community Committee (NCC) Annual Meeting: October 19-21, 2011
  • American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Exposition: October 30-November 2, 2011

August 2011

  • Ice Cream Social
  • Another Successful Deaf Strong Hospital
  • Meeting at NTID with President Gerry Buckely
  • Michael McKee Receives a Fellowship Opportunity
  • Recent Publications
  • NCDHR Welcomes the New Fellows
  • Welcome Back Erika Sutter!
  • Saying Goodbye to Poorna Kushalnagar!
  • The Interns Complete their Work with NCDHR

July 2011

  • NCDHR Shows its Support at the Rochester Pride Festival
  • Bahrain Visits NCDHR
  • Deaf Health Talks; Skin Cancer!
  • EYF at NTID: Deaf Health Panel Discussions
  • Deaf Day at the CDF
  • Latch-On America Bus Tour

June 2011

  • Welcome to the New Home of the NCDHR!
  • NCDHR Summer Interns

March 2011

  • Open House at NCDHR
  • Upcoming NCDHR Research Projects
  • Deaf Strong Hospital at St. John Fischer College

January 2011

  • Summer Educational Opportunities for Students
  • ASL Video produced for CDC's Preventing Chronic Disease Website
  • Research Projects for Deaf Volunteers
  • What is a "Cognitive Interview? by Carlene Mowl, MPH

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December 2010

  • Message from the Director
  • Behind the Scenes of Deaf Weight Wise

November 2010

  • Staffing Changes at NCDHR
  • Opportunities to "Experience" Research at NCDHR
  • New Deaf Healthcare Survey Coming Soon!
  • What is a"Randomized Controlled Trial"? by Matthew Starr, MPH

October 2010

  • NCDHR to host National Community Committee meeting in Oct 2011
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • NCDHR Researchers Receive Grants from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

September 2010

  • What is "Informed Consent?" by Erika Sutter, MPH
  • Deaf Strong Hospital 2010
  • New Deaf Researchers at NCDHR
  • External Advisory Committee (EAC)

June 2010

  • I want to become a Research Volunteer! by Matthew Starr, MPH
  • National & International Visiting Professors at NCDHR
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • NCDHR at the Rochester Deaf Festival

May 2010

  • FAQs about Deaf Weight-Wise Project by Matthew Starr, MPH
  • Mike McKee, MD, MPH receives the Saward Award
  • NCDHR Happenings

April 2010

  • SOPHE-PRC Joint 2010 Conference: A Recap
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Interview with John T. Reid: DHCC Member since 2008

March 2010

  • NCDHR Town Hall Meeting at RRCD by Scott Smith, MD, MPH
  • DHCC Happenings
  • Interview with Mistie Munton-Cramer: DHCC Member since 2009

February 2010

  • New Training Grant Submitted for Diverse Researchers
  • Why Deaf Health Research? To Eliminate Health Disparities!
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Who is on the NCDHR Research Committee?

January 2010

An Overview of Deaf Health Research Organization at University of Rochester

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December 2009

  • 2000-2010: Ten Years Retrospective of Deaf Health Research

November 2009

  • Public Health Thank You Day
  • Change of Leadership at DHCC
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • National Community Committee Conference at North Carolina

October 2009

  • Commitment to Improved Health Fair Access
  • Presentation to DWU by NCDHR and its Partners
  • Deaf Strong Hospital
  • Rochester Women's Health Week (September 15-19, 2009)
  • New staff member at NCDHR

June/July 2009

  • Visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • National External Advisory Committee's Annual Meeting at NCDHR
  • NCDHR Summer 2009 Interns (and their mentors)

May 2009

  • New Summer Scholar Programs for Deaf Students by Camille Martina
  • H1N1 (Swine Flue) Information in ASL by Matthew Starr
  • New Deaf Health Website by Heidi Thompson
  • New Community Committee Members Welcomed by John Reid
  • Community News

April 2009

  • Deaf Weight-Wise Project Funded by Matthew Starr
  • Save the Dates! Upcoming NCDHR Town Hall Meetings
  • Deaf Weight-Wise Project in ASL by Jess Cuculick

March 2009

  • Town Hall Meetings: Bridging NCDHR & Deaf Community Together
  • New Community Partners Needed! by John T. Reid
  • Medical Student Intern at NCDHR by Mark Scheible
  • EHDI 2009 Conference by Deirdre Schlehofer
  • The Benefits of Having a Staff Interpreter by Kim Kelstone

February 2009

  • Update of the 2nd Grant from the PRC Directors Meeting
  • NCDHR's First International Visitors
  • NCDHR Expands with New Staff and Students
  • Record number of abstracts submitted to 2009 APHA Conference
  • Pictures of Panel Discussion for Japanese Visitors (Feb 9, 2009)

January 2009

  • New Staff at NCDHR by Thomas Fogg
  • DWC/NCDHR/ASADV Collaboration Leads to New CDC Grant Request by Robert Pollard
  • NCDHR health survey during NTID's 40th Anniversary Reunion by Deirdre Schlehofer
  • We will not longer be invisible! by Jess Cuculick and Matthew Starr

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December 2008

  • A New Era in Deaf Health Research! by Jess Cuculick
  • Why Collaborate? by Tom Pearson
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Collaborating with Prevention Research Centers by Michael McKee
  • Sharing Research Information Through a "Poster Presentation" by Matthew Starr

November 2008

  • Groundbreaking of the CTSB by Matthew Starr
  • Part 2: 2nd Deaf Health Research Grant by Tom Fogg
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Summer Interns by Adam Weiss & Barbara Spiecker
  • Deaf Health Pathways by Heidi Thompson

October 2008

  • We made it! Historic Milestone in Deaf Health Research by Tom Pearson
  • Town Hall Meetings for 2nd Deaf Health Research by Thomas Fogg
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Deaf Strong Hospital 2008 by Susan Demers Postlethwait
  • Focus Groups on Deaf Perceptions of Heart Health by Nancy Chin

Summer 2008

  • Deaf Health Survey Update by Matthew Starr
  • Deaf Health "Hot Talk"by Betsy Finigan, Colleen Evenstad & Michael McKee
  • Message from the Program Director by Tom Pearson
  • NCDHR in Facebook by Susan Demers Postlethwait
  • Getting the Word Out about NCDHR by Susan Demers Postlethwait
  • DHCC Picnic

Spring 2008

  • Deaf Health Survey Update by Susan Demers Postlethwait
  • NCDHR Presents its Work at Annual Meeting by Julia Aggas, DHCC chair
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Why Deaf Health Survey? by Matthew J Starr
  • What is a Prevention Research Center? by Susan Semers Postlethwait
  • Faces of NCDHR. Can you Guess Who?

Winter 2008

  • Deaf Health Survey Update by Deirdre Schlehofer, M.Phil
  • Messages from NCDHR Leadership:
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • NCDHR's First Open House by Susan Demers Postlethwait, MS
  • Deaf Elderly Life History Initiative by Nancy Chin, PhD, Steve DeBottis, Colleen Pouliot, MS, & Sayy Taylor, MA

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Winter 2007

  • Perspectives: Work Matter!
  • Message from the Program Director:
  • NCDHR Happenings
  • Turning Challenge into Opportunity: The Retreat
  • Community-Based Paper Recognized

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Summer 2006

  • Perspectives:
  • Message from the Editor:
  • Center Updates
  • Deaf Strong Hospital
  • Announcement: Education & Training

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