• Advanced Retinal Imaging AllianceAdvanced Retinal Imaging Alliance
  • Brown LabMultiphoton Laser-Scanning Microscopy
  • Carney LabAuditory Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Neurophysiology LaboratoryCognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
  • Cognitive Neuroscience LabMechanisms of Spatial Orientation
  • Crane LabMotion Perception & Spatial Orientation
  • DeAngelis LabVisual Neuroscience
  • Dickerson LabCGRP Signal Transduction
  • Ernest Nordeen LabHormonal control of neural and behavioral development
  • Freedman LabNeural Control of Coordinated Movements
  • Fudge LabAnatomy and Neurochemistry of Major Psychiatric Illnesses
  • Gan LabDeveloping Therapies for Blindness and Deafness via Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Replacement
  • Haber LabBasal Ganglia and Degenerative Diseases
  • Holt LabSynaptic Pharmacology of the Vestibular Apparatus
  • Huxlin LabBehavioral Studies and Functional Imaging of Visual Function, Plasticity and Rehabilitation After Brain Damage
  • Ison LabHow the auditory system is able to follow the rapidly changing acoustic signal that characterizes speech
  • Kathy Nordeen LabNeural Mechanisms Underlying Vocal Learning and Plasticity in Songbirds

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