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Neurology History

Welcome to our Neurology Department history site.  We have been training neurologists for over 50 years and we take great pride in each of you, our alumni, and the impact you have made on our Neurology community.  We have developed this website to share with you our history.  At our 60th Anniversary which is only a few years away, we would like to highlight all of our alumni.  We hope that you will share with us your accomplishments after leaving Rochester so we can include you. 

The website currently has three components.  One section is the anniversary link that has the celebrations and the booklets linked to each.  The two sections that we need your help with are the audio recordings and the photo gallery.  The audio archive is similar to the Story Corp popularized by NPR and is an effort to develop an audio archive of alumni and faculty memories of Rochester, the department, and your experiences here.  Check out the instructions for recording ideas and listen to some of those already posted.  Then, please add your own.  The photo archive is presently a collection of those currently in our files.  We hope that you will be able to add to these and help us identify some of the individuals that present faculty and staff cannot identify.  Please check out the years you were in Rochester and if names are missing and you can identify them, please let us know.  Also please share with us any other photos you may have.  Also feel free to download any photos posted that you would like to have copies of.  The link below is an open one to upload any audios, photos, add free texts, CVs, or just reminiscences for our archive. 

This is a long term project and we hope that you will visit this site often and help us develop it.  So please send us any suggestions you may have.  We want to hear your memories and your successes in neurology and in life.               

Your success in our profession is our greatest achievement.        

Warm Regards

- Bob