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Department Leadership

The role of the Executive Leadership Team is to advise and guide the Chair in his work to:

  • Set the strategic direction, priorities, goals and metrics for the Department
  • Create conditions for a high performance environment and success for the Department
  • Strengthen and promote the reputation and interests of the Department of Neurology both inside and outside of URMC


Please find the members of the Chair's Executive Leadership Team and a brief description of their role below.

Chair, Department of Neurology

Robert Holloway, MD, MPH

Purpose: To ensure the achievement of excellence in our mission to learn, discover, heal, create and make the world ever better for patients and families with neurological disorders: provide the highest quality, patient-centered care possible; educate our students, residents and fellows in accordance with highest professional standards; conduct innovative research that will expand the frontiers of neurological science so that we will alleviate human suffering through the prevention and treatment of disease; and be the most trusted and influential leaders in shaping the future to advance neurological health.

Associate Chair, Acute Care

Curt Benesch, MD, MPH

Purpose: To provide leadership, management and quality oversight of acute care services to achieve the mission and goals of the Medical Center and Department of Neurology.

Associate Chair, Ambulatory Care

Raissa Villanueva, MD, MPH

Purpose: To optimize clinical and financial operations of Department of Neurology ambulatory clinic practices.

Associate Chair, Regional Programs

Richard Barbano, MD, PhD

Purpose: To serve as departmental liaison to community and regional providers and to increase the Department’s presence within our community and greater region to help achieve the mission and goals of the Medical Center and the Department of Neurology.

Associate Chair, Research

Jonathan Mink, MD, PhD

Purpose:  To enhance research in the Department of Neurology by creating an environment that enhances the research portfolio and rewards excellence in research.

Associate Chair, Education

Ralph Jozefowicz, MD

Purpose: To ensure excellence in education for Department of Neurology for all trainees groups:  medical students, residents, fellows and APPs.

Associate Chair, Academic Affairs

Robert Gross, MD, PhD

Purpose: To oversee faculty development efforts in the Department of Neurology, including overseeing the mentor development program, chairing the Promotion and Tenure Committee, and leadership development.