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Data Management Strengths of Muscle Study Group

The Muscle Study Group (MSG), formed in 1997, is a consortium of scientific investigators committed to promoting the cooperative planning, implementation, analysis and reporting of clinical research studies in neuromuscular diseases. The consortium was established to fulfill a specific need within the field. Neuromuscular diseases are rare disorders that require special expertise to evaluate and treat. Consequently, the conduct of any significant clinical studies in these disorders requires the coordinated effort of several specialized centers. The MSG Coordination Center (MSG-CC) helps implement approved studies by providing planning, biostatistical and data management support. Currently, there are 100 active MSG members representing 29 national and international academic institutions. The MSG has completed two multicenter trials, has five ongoing studies as well as several studies in the planning stages. The MSG-CC is part of the University of Rochester’s Neuromuscular Disease Center, which has been involved for more than a 20 years in planning and implementing neuromuscular clinical trials.