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Women's Center for Neurological Care

This specialized center provides our region’s women with neurological conditions excellence in care with respect to the unique challenges that women face over the course of a lifetime. We focus on gender differences in our evaluation, diagnosis and care of women with neurological disorders. Women differ from men with the same disorder in their presentation, disease course and response to treatment. Further, hormonal and reproductive changes throughout the lifespan, including menarche, pregnancy, menopause and the use of hormonal contraceptives, assisted reproduction, and hormone replacement therapies, affect neurological health and disease. Women face different challenges in their social roles, which also impacts their well-being.

This center has three areas of emphasis: clinical care, research development and patient and provider education.

Clinical care

This center has leaders in the field who have the expertise to provide consultation and care to women with neurological disorders. The center collaborates with colleagues in related fields and facilitates coordinate care for the women with concurrent issues.

Research & Development

Several of our clinicians investigate neurological diseases specific to women and how sex-specific issues impact neurological disease.

Patient and Provider Education

We provide resources and educate patients on topics specific to women with neurological disorders, offer subspecialty training to residents and fellows, and provide education to physicians in the University and surrounding community.