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CNS Lymphoma

What is it?

The introductory text on this page would give an overview of the condition or disease. This would be intended as a starting point to help the patient understand his or her condition.

How is it treated?

This section would provide an overview of the treatments that RNP can provide for this specific condition.

Non-surgical treatments

One paragraph might talk about various non-surgical treatments we provide.

Surgical treatments.

Another paragraph could talk about surgical approaches.

What is Rochester Neurosurgery Partners’ approach?

This section would talk about the specific center that treats the condition and explain how our approach is more advanced, etc.

It could also get into some of the details about the center and about RNP that separate us from other options. It could also provide a link to that specific center, such as the Brain and Spinal Tumor Center, which could then open in another window or tab.

Who should I contact?

This section would provide specific contact information so that patients can call and make an appointment.

What if I need more information?

If the patient would like more information on the specific condition, then he or she can click on a link to open the Greystone Content in a separate window or tab.