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Patient Stories

One of the best ways to learn about neurosurgery is by reading the stories of other patients. On this page, we share a few of them. These includes a young boy who survives a rare brain tumor, a man who suffered a brain aneurysm, a woman who regains her life with Deep Brain Stimulation and another about a woman who battles back from a devastating stroke.

Anders Swanson


On vacation in Florida, 18-month-old Anders Swanson ran up and down the shore with his parents, Amy and Garth. It would be the last family vacation before his little brother, Beckett, would be born in mid-spring. After returning home to Batavia, Amy became aware that something was wrong with young Anders. What had seemed like airsickness — he was vomiting on the plane — didn’t ease up when they touched down.

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Michelle Sweeney

Michelle Sweeney

On November 6, Michelle Sweeney woke up at her usual time for work. As she stood in the bathroom, though, she felt a strange sensation. “I had a weird feeling,” Michelle recalls. “I felt like I might be bleeding. I kept looking at my hands and arms, and then looking at myself in the mirror. I thought, ‘What’s the matter with me?’ A moment later, Michelle collapsed and ended up sitting on the toilet. Her roommate called to her through the door.

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