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Brain Tumor and Spinal Tumor Program

Welcome to the Program for Brain and Spinal Tumors

With the latest advances in neuro-oncology, the Rochester Brain Tumor and Spinal Tumor program creates, develops and supports the most innovative and promising treatment strategies for patients with malignant brain tumors and spinal tumors. We offer World Class Surgery for the Brain and Spine in Rochester, NY. Born from a unique collaboration between seventeen surgeons and clinicians from several area hospitals, our continually evolving outreach program brings together the best minds and talents in the field. These groundbreaking affiliate agreements exemplify our dedication to the community, and our desire to seat the best in bio-medical research here in Rochester, NY. As such, the project will serve as a national resource for patients and clinicians, by supporting research for novel therapies and clinical trials in order to further our knowledge of and ability to treat neuro-oncological disease.

Visit our Translational Brain Mapping program for more information on state-of-the-art treatment.


Click here to see an informative presentation on Brain Tumors.

A video narrated by Dr. Kevin Walter performing a Glioma Resection.