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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visitor Restrictions, Resources, and Updates

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Instructions for Investigators

  • The Stroke Resource Lab is available only for IACUC approved investigators.  For more information about the IACUC and the related facility please visit the vivarium site. Principal Investigator (PI), will need to provide an active and approved protocol for animal use, describing the techniques and associates responsible for the work to be performed.
  • The point person from the PI lab that will be involved for routine animal care, behavioral testing and tissue harvesting, must provide proof of training by URMC Animal Resource program.
  • The specific training for animal use in the SR Laboratory is provided by Landa Prifti, and so, it is PI’s responsibility to list her as a trainer in the Associates Section of UCAR.
  • PI needs to justify new procedures in Outline of Animal Use and include additional animal numbers (if needed).
  • Description of the surgical procedures, post op care, potential adverse effects and behavioral activities are available for PI (you can cut/paste text into the appropriate sections of protocol).
  • Location of surgery (KMRB 1-9839) and behavioral (KMRB 1-9809) should be added in the section of the protocol which describes activities outside of the vivarium.

Please contact Landa Prifti, (585) 273-3030 for more information.

Policy of Charges

  • The number of hours the Lab staff spends on the project will be considered billable time. Our Admin will work with your Department to process an 800 form to allocate our staff’s effort retroactively on an account provided by your lab. The effort is calculated using the following equation:  x hours spent on project/x hours of total work time in the given time frame.   A billable hour ranges from $20-$38; the hourly rate is commensurate with the level of technical staff completing the work.
  • Supplies are to be provided by the lab requesting the work.  If the Halterman lab must purchase supplies to complete the requested work, the expense will be transferred to your lab thru a journal entry at the end of the project.