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Adaramola-Olasumboye_028 1 Adaramola-Olasumboye_028 1 Patient Care

Miracle Kids 2024: Adaramola Olasumboye

  • May. 17, 2024
True love and unwavering faith can move mountains, as demonstrated by the Olasumboye family’s remarkable journey with their son, Adaramola, affectionately known as Dara. In the face of adversity, ...
Mbodji_080 Mbodji_080 Patient Care

Miracle Kids 2023: Amina Mbodji

  • May. 22, 2023
At only eight days old, Amina Mbdoji stopped eating and was having trouble breathing. A trip to the hospital revealed that most of her organs weren’t working, including her liver, kidney, and lungs, ...
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In Memoriam – Tom Weber

  • Apr. 21, 2023
Tom Weber, Assistant Program Manager for Simulation of the Standard Patient Program, has passed. He is fondly remembered by friends and colleagues.
Water Running From a Tap Water Running From a Tap Research

PFAS: What You Need to Know

  • Mar. 21, 2023
PFAS are potentially harmful chemicals found in common, everyday products and drinking water. Researchers at URMC study the impacts PFAS have on our health and share what they know.
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The Levy Letter Celebrates One Year Anniversary

  • Nov. 9, 2022
The DOM newsletter has been hitting inboxes for one year now. Conceived by Ruth O’Regan as a way to bring everyone together under one umbrella, and named after the estimable Paul Levy, take a look at ...
Alexander-Wilson_033 Alexander-Wilson_033 Patient Care

Miracle Kids 2022: Alexander Wilson

  • Jun. 7, 2022
Baby Alexander wasn’t breathing when he was born. He experienced both respiratory and kidney failure, needing multiple life-support machines in his first days of life. Now at four months old, ...
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Spotlight: Thu Le, M.D.

  • Jan. 19, 2022
Get to know Thu Le, M.D., division chief of Nephrology. Learn about her history and her path through medical education, why she was destined to become a doctor, and how she has built upon the ...