Cooking for Wellness

Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Peppers Patient Care

Stuffed Peppers

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Sep. 1, 2017
Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A (carotenoids) and flavonoids.
Melon and Spinach Salad Melon and Spinach Salad Patient Care

Melon and Spinach Salad

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Aug. 23, 2017
This refreshing salad is bursting with flavor and nutrition. This fruit provides two powerful phytonutrients - the watermelon contains lycopene and cantaloupe provides beta-carotene.
Pearl Couscous Salad Pearl Couscous Salad Patient Care

Pearl Couscous Salad

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Aug. 14, 2017
Pearl couscous is an alternative to rice or pasta because of its larger size, compared to the more familiar smaller sized varieties. As with other whole grains, it has a nutty flavor, yet cooks in ...
Wheat berry and Strawberry Salad Wheat berry and Strawberry Salad Patient Care

Wheat berry and Strawberry Salad

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Jun. 21, 2017
This versatile salad can be served as a side dish, or transformed into an entrée by adding legumes or grilled chicken and serving over salad greens.
Chia Fresca Chia Fresca Patient Care

Chia Fresca

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Jun. 20, 2017
Chia fresca is hydrating and provides minerals, dietary fiber and omega-3’s. Try with fresh mint and cucumber slices for a flavorful variation!
Citrus Macerated Strawberries Citrus Macerated Strawberries Patient Care

Citrus Macerated Strawberries

  • By Ruth Harper-Rhode
  • Jun. 18, 2017
By adding citrus juice to berries, the juices are drawn out of the fruit to create natural syrup. The process is known as “macerating”. The citrus also enhances the berries’ flavor.