Spring 2014

Managing Population Health: By the Numbers

In 2010, facing health care reform changes that require demonstrated improvement, UR Medicine's Center for Primary Care medical director Betty Rabinowitz, M.D., embarked on a pursuit of a vision. Her initiative with primary care medical homes has changed the way we look at population health management... literally. Read More»

Where There's Smoke, There Just May Be Fire: How to ID and Beat Burnout»

Psychiatry Professor Michael R. Privitera, M.S., M.D., knows we all have those days where we drag through, bone-tired and barely sputtering along. But are they just your run-of-the-mill tougher times, or mounting signs of burnout? Here he paints a sharp picture of the condition, complete with tips for steering clear of burnout and how to manage it.

Surgical Oncology Patients Welcomed to New 5th Floor Wilmot 'Hotel'»

This spring the Wilmot Cancer Center opened the final floor of its vertical expansion, a space dedicated to post-surgical oncology patients who typically stay for two to seven days. On paper, this is a 27,000-square-foot light-filled space with 28 private rooms. But the experience of seeing it has the wow factor of a well-appointed hotel.

URMC Team Helps Nursing Home Referrals Go Electronic, Makes Relics of Fax Machines»

It's electric! Boogie woogie. Over the past year or so, a pioneering team made up of staff from Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, Highlands at Brighton, Highlands Living Center, and ePartner planned and implemented the capability to refer patients electronically to nursing homes across Monroe County. Talk about an "Electric Slide!"

Faculty Accomplishments»

We publish faculty and student accomplishments in every edition of URMC Pulse, highlighting both the prestigious honors our faculty/students receive, as well as the prominent leadership/advisory posts to which they are appointed.