Winter 2013-2014

Pressure PointsThis is the sixth in a series of special issues taking a closer look at the factors shaping modern medicine.

Are We Wired for Change?

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URMC’s IT Staff Busy, Building ‘Scaffolding’ for Reform

If you want to know more about health care reform, here’s a suggestion: Grab a cup of coffee with someone in IT.

See, reform can’t happen on paper. Its ideas are too lofty, too complex. They’re only achievable with smart technologies—and such infrastructure only gets built if a small army of really smart people scramble to help bring the vision to fruit.

Enter URMC’s Information Systems Division, made up of clinicians, programmers, and business folks. We sat down with leaders there to scan their to-do lists and get a better grasp on big trends that have them scurrying. Read More»

Got Advice? New Employee Parking Coalition Meeting Quarterly»

Our parking challenges are complex, and we can’t improve the operation alone. Repeatedly, employees have asked for more transparency around our parking function—including more thoughtful answers to what’s afoot, and how planning decisions are made. So we’ve lifted the curtain, inviting staff to partake in a brand new advisory committee.

Eureka! Untold Benefits of America’s New Diagnostic, Billing System»

As we at URMC, alongside those in every other U.S. health care setting, upshift to a new diagnostic and billing code system (ICD-10), it’s all too easy to grumble. Change is hard. But let’s not overlook some of the big boons included.

URMC Graduates First Crop of ‘Lean’ Practitioners Trained In-House»

This December, URMC will graduate its first round of certified Lean practitioners trained right here, in-house.

Freshly minted, these practitioners are already knee-deep in their work driving improvement. Some are hatching more efficient ways to manage bed linens; others are making sure cancer patients get necessary blood work done before showing up for appointments.

Strong West: From Urgent Care to Free-standing ED»

This past June, URMC announced it was working with a struggling Lakeside Health System to acquire many of its assets—including the former West Avenue hospital facility, which had been forced to shut its door after years of serving the Brockport community.

The first piece of URMC’s plan—to quickly reestablish urgent care and outpatient services—has moved forward, fast. We sat down with Michael F. Kamali, M.D., to better understand how Strong West’s urgent care services (with the State’s blessing) will upgrade to a higher level, free-standing emergency department in the months ahead.

Medical and Nursing Students Join Forces, Champion Primary Care»

In November, University of Rochester nursing and medical students helped establish a local chapter for Primary Care Progress, a group that connects health care students and professionals across the country in advocating for primary care and interprofessional collaboration. While there are chapters at Yale, Stanford, Columbia, and other medical schools, UR’s is the first to welcome both medical and nursing students.

Oops! We’ve Fixed an Error»

We regret that, in the last edition of Pulse, our lead story, “Keeping Pace: Educators Respond to Vast Changes in Health Professions,” contained a small but significant mistake.

Faculty Accomplishments»

We publish faculty and student accomplishments in every edition of URMC Pulse, highlighting both the prestigious honors our faculty/students receive, as well as the prominent leadership/advisory posts to which they are appointed.