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Highland Breast Care Center Begins Internal Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Monday, January 23, 2006

MammoSite Radiation Therapy System (™ Proxima Therapeutics, Inc)

The Highland Breast Care Center announced today they are now offering patients with early stage breast cancer a new treatment called MammoSite Radiation Therapy. MammoSite delivers radiation directly to the tissue surrounding the original tumor, minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue and reducing the length of treatment from five to seven weeks to one to five days.

The MammoSite device is a balloon catheter that is inserted into the cavity created by a lumpectomy (the surgical removal of a breast tumor). After implantation, radiation is delivered directly to the tissue surrounding the original tumor from a source placed inside the balloon. MammoSite RTS delivers radiation from inside the lumpectomy cavity over a course of five days. The device targets radiation to the area where tumors are most likely to recur, while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue in the breast, chest and lungs.

“The Highland Breast Care Center is excited to offer this new internal treatment option to women with breast cancer who are confronting difficult choices regarding their care,” said Dr. Lydia Liao, associate director of Highland Breast Center, University of Rochester Medical Center and Strong Health.

“MammoSite represents the next generation of internal radiation therapy, providing doctors and patients with a site-specific treatment option that can be completed in five days. The fact that MammoSite is minimally-invasive for patients, coupled with the short treatment time, could make it easier for more women to consider the choice of lumpectomy,” said Dr. Joy Anderson, assistant professor of clinical radiation oncology and medical director of radiation oncology at Highland Hospital.

Cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, the MammoSite RTS is a radiation therapy device that has been used to treat more than 10,000 women. Data presented at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology meeting in October 2004 found no patients experienced local recurrence after treatment with MammoSite.

The Highland Brest Care Center, which is part of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center, provides comprehensive screening, education and quality health care services for breast imaging, biopsy and surgical services.

For more than 115 years, Highland Hospital has provided innovative, high quality patient care for the Rochester community. Today, Highland is a 261-licensed acute care bed facility known for its comprehensive women’s services, nationally ranked geriatrics program, regional leading gastric bypass program, the Evarts Joint Center and extensive network of primary care facility.

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