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Athletic Training Talks Target Area Athletes, Coaches

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

As part of National Athletic Training Month, University Sports Medicine of the University of Rochester Medical Center is hosting four evenings of talks with local experts in the areas of sports medicine, athletic training, and injury prevention and treatment.

The talks, to be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in March, are free and open to the public. They will be held at University Sports Medicine, 4901 Lac de Ville Boulevard, Building D, Suite 110.

Traditionally, the role of a certified athletic trainer involves screening and evaluating injuries in order to provide recommendations for proper medical management. During rehabilitation, the athletic trainer follows specific protocols for treatment, including stretching, strengthening, home exercises, and sport-specific drills. In recent years the athletic trainer’s role has dramatically expanded into injury prevention and educational programs.

The topics to be featured are:

Tuesday, March 7

Athletic training career night

Andrew Duncan, president of the New York State Athletic Trainers Assn., together with  athletic trainers Sarah Phillips and Allyson Borrino

The talk will focus on an average day for an athletic trainer, salaries, benefits, work environment, and colleges and universities in the area that are certified to train athletic trainers.

Tuesday, March 14

ACL injury in athletics

Robert Bronstein, M.D., associate professor of Orthopedics

The talk will cover prevention and care programs, non-contact vs. contact ACL injuries, and incidence among females and males. Bronstein will also talk about the role of the athletic trainer in post-injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Tuesday, March 21

Performance enhancement and injury prevention

John Bernfield, M.S., director of the ACL Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program

The talk will cover reduction treatments and exercises, the causes of a higher injury rate in females, and strategies to successfully reduce ACL injury occurrence.

Tuesday, March 28

Sport-related concussion

Eugene Swenson, M.D., associate professor of Orthopaedics

The talk will cover the importance of the athletic trainer in dealing with concussions, baseline testing techniques, and evaluation and treatment of concussions.

Anyone planning to attend should call (585) 341-9150 to register.

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