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Last of Hamlin Quints Goes Home

Friday, April 14, 2006

Carlos and Marisol Barreiro with one of their five new babies

Emealis Barreiro, the last of the Hamlin quintuplets, went home today at 5 pounds 3.5 ounces after almost 129 days in Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Marisol and Carlos Barreiro, of Hamlin, welcomed five new babies into the family on December 7. Their 5-year-old, Soleemar, is a doting big sister to three girls and two boys (in birth order):

Darón, boy

Zoraelis, girl

Lysmarie, girl

Emealis, girl

Jomar, boy

The first baby, Jomar, came home March 3, and the others have followed, one at a time during the past six weeks. The Barreiros are thankful for the community’s support and generosity as they have prepared to care for their now-large family.

“The people of Hamlin have been so good to us. We have a whole room full of diapers, wipes and clothing,” Marisol Barreiro said. “And we can’t thank the NICU staff enough. The nurses and doctors have been wonderful, and we’re actually going to miss seeing them every day.”

The Barreiro quintuplets are the first quintuplets born in Rochester since 1993.

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