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Let’s Go All In: Poker Run to Help Golisano Children’s Hospital

Friday, April 28, 2006

If you’ve got a bike, you might want to drag it out and start waxing. New Breed Motorcycle Club's 2nd Annual Poker Run on Saturday, May 20, will benefit Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong.

Riders pay $15, and passengers are an additional $5; registration will be from 10 a.m. to noon the morning of the event, which runs rain or shine.

“Preferably shine,” joked Charles Max, New Breed’s vice-president. “And this year, the money’s going to support kids in the hospital, hopefully giving them a chance to get better.”

The “poker run” begins with each cyclist receiving a playing card at the registration site (the Full Moon Saloon parking lot, in Mount Read Plaza). Cyclists continue collecting the remaining four cards, one at each of the three stops along the way (D&D Hideaway Lounge, Wadsworth Grill and Stumblin’ Inn) and at the endpoint (Brockport Elks Club).

The neat twist? The person holding the best hand — as well as the person holding the worst — will both win a prize.

The Brockport Elks Club end party will include local bands Hair Nation and Third Degree and is open to non-motorcyclists, too, for a $10 walk-in fee.

For more information about or to register for Saturday’s Poker Run, contact Charles Max at (585) 313-3988 or visit

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