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Summer Camp Targets Performance and Strength

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rochester area athletes have the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition this summer not by attending a sport-specific camp, but rather, a strength and conditioning camp designed to help high school athletes increase strength, power and flexibility regardless of their particular sports concentration.  The Performance Enhancement Camp, organized by the region’s largest sports medicine and athletic training organization, University Sports Medicine, will be held from June 26 – August 4, from 9 – 11 a.m., every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the University of Rochester.

The camp is designed to improve athletes’ readiness for the season, reduce risk of injury, provide a competitive edge, and incorporate performance enhancement components into a training program.  According to John Bernfield, A.T.C., director of performance enhancement at University Sports Medicine, as participation in high school and college athletics becomes more competitive and the level of play more intense, athletes need to look beyond sport-specific skills.

“Today, success in sports is not solely about how accomplished you are in a particular sport, because it’s assumed you have mastered those particular skills,” Bernfield said.  “Instead, coaches are looking for athletes in top physical condition; those that are strong, flexible, and are less likely to be injured. Bottom line: You need skills AND athleticism to be a top level athlete.”

This camp came about after USM athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports medicine strength and conditioning specialists reviewed scientific literature and determined that specific exercises and strengthening movements could increase power, flexibility and reduce injuries.  The result was the creation of the camp, where over the course of two hours, athletes participate in drills to build strength, agility, quickness, power, speed, flexibility, core stability and balance. Trainers also coach athletes in correct biomechanics for basic movements, and review several injury prevention techniques.

Designed for athletes who want to improve athletic skills, the Performance Enhancement Camp is recommended for athletes 12 or older.  Cost is $150 per person.  For more information or to register, call University Sports Medicine at 341-9150.

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