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Residents Team Wins Annual Great Scholarship Shootout

Monday, November 20, 2006

Using a kind of home court advantage, the Residents team won the second annual Great Scholarship Shootout Sunday Nov. 19, beating the Medical School Students team 24 to 21 in a hard-fought final match at McQuaid Jesuit High School.

The Residents dominated the Hospital Staff team to get to the finals, defeating last year’s Shootout winner 31 to 15.

The Shootout benefits the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Endowed Scholarship Initiative.

The Medical School Students team beat a scrappy Faculty team 38 to 33 to earn the finals. In a consolation game, the House Staff team defeated the Faculty 18 to 14.

The Residents team included: Greg Roehrig, M.D., orthopaedic surgery resident; Matt Bak, M.D., ENT resident; Tom Brewer, M.D., critical care fellow; Andrew Epstein, M.D., a neurology resident; Brian Lishawa, M.D., internal medicine/pediatrics resident; Hani Sbitany, M.D., plastic surgery resident; Ben Wandtke, M.D., chief resident in radiology; and Eric Wilcox, M.D., family medicine resident.

Brewer, Roehrig and Wandtke played for McQuaid teams that won Section V championships.

The scholarship initiative is a campaign to increase the School of Medicine scholarship endowment by $10 million. Medical students face a large and growing debt burden. Two years ago, the School announced a campaign to increase scholarship endowments. A $10-million increase would generate $550,000 each year in new scholarship aid.

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