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Two-Time NHL Stanley Cup Player Undergoes Back Surgery at Strong

Former Amerk Uwe Krupp Hopes to Be Back on the Ice By Year End

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Uwe Krupp, best known for scoring the overtime goal that cinched the first ever Stanley Cup for the Colorado Avalanche in 1996, underwent successful back surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital this morning.

Strong Memorial Neurosurgeon Paul Maurer, M.D. performed a lumbar laminectomy on Krupp, removing a herniated disc from his L-5 vertebra. The disc and a bone spur pushed against nerve endings, causing back spasms and problems with Krupp's left foot. Maurer said he expects Krupp to be able to go back home to Atlanta on Friday, and will have an eight to 12 week recovery.

“The surgery was smooth and uneventful in every way. A significant disc fragment was removed from the spinal canal,” Maurer said. “He should be discharged from Strong on Friday and I would expect a full and rapid recovery, with him back on the ice by the New Year.”

The 6-foot-6, 37-year-old Atlanta Thrasher defenseman is no stranger to Rochester. He helped the Rochester Amerks win the 1987 Calder Cup, notching 12 points (one goal, 11 assists) in 17 games. Before the surgery, Krupp said he was confident he would return to the Thrashers' lineup before the end of the season, noting that the cause of his injury was clearly identified and can be fixed.

Dr. Maurer has previously operated on cable TV tycoon Ted Turner, casino billionaire William Pennington, and U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter.

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