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Rochester Family Psychologist Wins First PSYCHE Prize

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Susan H. McDaniel, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry and family medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, has won the American Psychological Foundation’s Cummings PSYCHE Prize.

She will receive the award and the $50,000 prize at the American Psychological Association convention August 18 in San Francisco.

Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D., staff psychologist for Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, Calif., also will receive the award and $50,000.

McDaniel, who is director of the Wynne Center for Family Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Hoyt are the first recipients of what will be an annual prize.

The prize, made possible by a contribution of the Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Foundation, will promote the role of psychologists as primary health care providers in organized systems of health care delivery. According to the American Psychological Foundation (APF), the prize recognizes practicing psychologists whose careers demonstrate a plan to effect significant and enduring contributions to expanding the role of the psychologist as primary care provider.

McDaniel was cited for her role in the implementation of the biopsychosocial perspective in the model of integrated primary health care.

 “Many patients who see a primary care physician have a psychological component as a major contributing factor in their disease. It is essential that psychologists have a role in primary health care. These prizes help promote this effort,” says Dorothy W. Cantor, Psy.D., APF President.

As part of her current position, McDaniel teaches psychologists and physicians how to work together.

“People often don’t experience their problems as ‘mental’ or ‘physical.’ At the University of Rochester, we try to provide integrated care by incorporating psychologists on health care teams in family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology and obstetrics and gynecology. This allows us to meet patients where the need is, and deliver the most patient-centered, family-friendly comprehensive care possible,” McDaniel said.

Established in 1953, APF is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization that provides scholarships, grants, and awards to advance psychology as a science and a profession and as a means of understanding behavior and promoting health and human welfare.

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