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Students Create Billboards for Kohl’s Pedal Patrol

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This week, billboards about bike safety – designed by Rochester-area high schoolers – will go up in six locations around Rochester. Students in the Career and Technical Education program at Eastern Monroe Career Center, made of students from 10 component districts, designed posters with messages targeted towards parents and teens.

The project was done as part of Kohl’s Pedal Patrol, a program geared toward educating the Rochester community about bicycle safety. The program is overseen by Injury Free Coalition for Kids, based at Golisano Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC).

“Bicycle safety is an important message to get out in this community because 250 kids a year come to the ED (Emergency Department) with bike injuries,” said Anne Brayer, M.D., director of Injury Free Coalition for Kids and a pediatrician of Emergency Medicine at Golisano Children’s Hospital at URMC.

Brayer advises that parents always make sure:

·        Kids have helmets that fit properly.

·        Reflectors are on bicycles and kids are wearing bright clothing.

·        Children are wearing sneakers.

·        The child’s bicycle is the right size for him or her. The child should be able to reach the pedals and knees should not be sticking out.

·        The bicycle has been properly maintained and is safe for use. Ex. The breaks are working properly.

·        Children have planned out safe routes on non-busy streets with parents ahead of time.

She also recommends older kids and teens make sure:

·        Helmets fit and are positioned on the top of their heads, not towards the back of the head, and the straps are fastened under their chin.

·        They have discussed safe routes ahead of time if they are going out without parents.

·        They have a plan set for how to communicate changes in plans or how to get in touch with parents if an emergency situation arises.

·        They should not wear headphones while biking, which can be distracting.

·        They know and use proper hand signals for turning.

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Rochester is a child injury prevention program centered at the Golisano Children’s Hospital. The program’s main goal is to reduce the incidence and severity of childhood injury in the greater Rochester metropolitan area. For more information, go to and click on the Rochester location.

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