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UR Medical Center a Test Site for Male Fertility Kit

Thursday, December 09, 1999


Local men can trial a home test kit for male fertility that may one day be found on pharmacy shelves alongside similar kits used by women to test for ovulation and pregnancy.

The Andrology Laboratory at the University of Rochester Medical Center is looking for men to participate in a study of the FertilMARQ Home Diagnostic Screening Test, manufactured by Embryotech of Massachusetts.  The kit is FDA-approved for laboratory use but must undergo testing by potential consumers before it can be marketed for over-the-counter sale.  The test evaluates a man’s sperm count and shows positive results when that count is at or above a level that physicians consider the standard for “normal.”

Men who participate will be asked to sign a consent form before getting the kit and instructions.  They will collect a semen sample at home, complete three easy test steps, and check their results.  The test and remaining specimen must be returned to the lab within 12 hours where the specimen will be re-tested by the lab using another kit to verify the results. Participants will complete a short questionnaire after returning the test and will be paid a fee for participating.

The goal of the study is to determine whether the procedure and directions for the kit are clear, adequate and easy to follow at home.  Healthy men ages 18 to 70 are eligible.  Men who have had  vasectomies also may participate.

For information call 275-2491.

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