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Strong Health Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Services Relocate

Thursday, March 21, 2002

More than 200 Strong Health physicians, therapists, technicians and support staff specializing in orthopaedics and outpatient rehabilitation services will be calling the Clinton Crossings campus in Brighton home. The consolidation brings together world-renowned orthopaedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, orthotists and radiologists to create the region's largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary musculoskeletal facility.

The two-story, 106,000 square foot facility expects to see more than 121,000 patient visits each year. The list of new patient amenities includes a covered drop-off area, free parking, on-site digital imaging for X-rays, MRIs and CAT scans, and even PC computer flat screens in every exam room to review images with patients. With its impressive size and comprehensive range of services, it is the largest off-campus project the University of Rochester has ever undertaken.

"The building makes you feel like you are at a private physician's office instead of a full-service, multi-disciplinary ambulatory care center," Randy Rosier, M.D. chair of the University of Rochester Department of Orthopaedics, said.

University Orthopaedic Associates, the region's largest orthopaedic group, has relocated all of its services, including orthopaedic urgent care, to the new location. Its 25 physicians-most with distinguished fellowship training-specialize in all eight areas of orthopaedics including total joint replacement, sports medicine, hand/upper extremity, spine, foot/ankle, orthopaedic oncology, orthopaedic pediatrics, and orthopaedic trauma. University Orthopaedic Associates also will unveil two new specialty services at the new facility: The Spine Center, which will provide a comprehensive treatment approach for spinal problems, and The Arthritis and Joint Replacement Center, which will offer a range of treatments for patients with arthritis.

Other complementary services that will be located in the same building are Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hand Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation, and Orthotics and Prosthetics. Previously, these services were located in five buildings spread out over a four-mile radius within and around the University of Rochester Medical Center campus. In addition, Strong Health's Rheumatology clinical practice is expected to relocate to the facility in the future. Important Medical Specialty Musculoskeletal diseases and disorders affect millions of Americans, from arthritis to broken bones to osteoporosis.

Medical experts attribute one in every three doctor visits in the U.S. to orthopaedic-related ailments. According to Rosier, the tremendous growth experienced by Strong Health's University Orthopaedic Associates and related specialties propelled the need to find a space that would allow all of the disciplines to seamlessly work together in one facility.

"Since 1992, we have gone from seeing 29,000 patients annually to more than 65,000. As we continued to create specialized and sophisticated services, it became apparent that we needed to bring all the disciplines under one roof to provide seamless and state-of-the-art treatment to our patients," Rosier said. "With our new facility, all services-orthopaedic, rehabilitation, and imaging-are in one building, so that patients can easily move through the spectrum of orthopaedic care that is necessary to facilitate speedy recovery."

While Strong's Physical and Occupational Therapy Departments will continue to provide inpatient and some outpatient services at Strong Memorial Hospital, the majority of PT and OT patients will receive their therapy at this new facility. The program has outgrown its current space and continues to expand, with the addition of the Balance/Vestibular Program, a new ankle and foot specialist, and in the near future, a Women's Health specialty.

"For many of our patients, a major life event has brought them into our doors, whether it's a stroke, accident, or complications from a progressively debilitating disease," Steve Levinson, M.D., chair of the University of Rochester's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department, said. "This new facility gave us the opportunity to design a space with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, while improving access to and from our building-an especially important consideration when dealing with patients whose movement has been compromised in some form."

Comprehensive Services

The new facility, located at 4901 Lac de Ville Boulevard (at the corner of Westfall Road) in Brighton, will offer a full-range of adult and pediatric outpatient services including:

  • evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic injuries ·
  • post-surgical follow-ups
  • measuring and fitting of prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • diagnostic x-ray and imaging including MRIs and CAT scans
  • rehabilitation of hand injuries 
  • rehabilitation for patients following traumatic injuries, surgeries, strokes, or for diseases such as arthritis 
  • minor surgical procedures such as carpal tunnel surgery, trigger finger release and biopsies to detect bone tumors 
  • occupational therapy to teach patients how to adapt their disabilities to regain independence
  • speech therapy

The new facility also provides orthopaedic urgent care services, where patients can be seen the same day from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Outpatient orthopaedic surgery requiring general anesthesia will continue to be performed at Strong Memorial Hospital.

"What's very much appreciated is the variety of services in one location," said Philip Bonanni, M.D., a Rochester area internist. "If I have a patient with a knee problem, I know I can send them to the new Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation facility, and he or she will see a physician, obtain appropriate imaging, and even undergo necessary physical therapy-all at one location."

The new facility is also one of the first outpatient facilities in the country to showcase a comprehensive digital imaging system. State-of-the-art equipment digitally captures images. All exam rooms are outfitted with a flat-screen monitor so that a physician can pull up an image immediately after it is taken, and discuss the injury and/or treatment procedure with patients.

"It's a great educational tool. I can zoom in and zoom out on the image so patients can understand the extent of their injury," Rosier said. "Patients tend to participate in their treatment program more fully when they have an understanding of their problem. It's been amazing to see their positive reactions to this service-and their compliance in treatment programs."

Within the new Clinton Crossings facility, Strong's Radiology Department has seven state-of-the-art radiology rooms with digital imaging, each room staffed by a radiologic technician with expertise in orthopaedic medical imaging. Radiologic services will continue to be offered at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Anthony J. Costello and Son Development, LLC is the developer and owner of the new Strong Health facility. This is the fifth building the firm has constructed on the rapidly growing Clinton Crossings campus.

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