Dr. Bahreman Honored in Iran

Feb. 15, 2016

Dr. Bahreman with painting of himDr. Aliakbar Bahreman, a professor in EIOH’s Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Departments, was recently honored for his immeasurable contributions to the dental profession in Iran.

After graduating as the top student from Tehran University Dental School, he came to Eastman for a Pediatric Dentistry Fellowship in1964 and completed his Specialty in Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic training, combined with a master’s degree in 1967. 

Dr. Bahreman being honored on stageAs the first American-trained orthodontist in Iran, Dr. Bahreman started his accomplished career at Shahid Beheshti University Dental School, where he was honored during the school’s 50th anniversary celebration.  Dr. Bahreman served in four simultaneous major responsibilities:  as chair and founder of both the Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Department, as associate dean in Education, and as editor and founder of the school’s journal.  During that time, he organized the six years dental school curriculum for the first time with a clinical rotation schedule for undergraduate students.

Bahreman bust madeLater, he became Dean of the same school where he successfully presented a complete curriculum of post-graduate dental education to the Ministry of Higher Education and started postgraduate training in different dental specialties including orthodontics for the first time in Iran.

Besides all University responsibilities and a very busy private practice for more than 32 years in Iran, Dr. Bahreman also served on many committees of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Iranian Medical Counsel, Iranian Dental Association and the Academy of Medicine of Iran. In addition, Dr. Bahreman also started the foundation of Iranian Orthodontic Association and was its first president.

Bahreman honorThroughout this time, Dr. Bahreman received several awards and medals during his time as a student and faculty member, including a first degree of scientific medal as the top graduate from dental school, Honorary Doctoral, and the highest research medal from University of Shahid Beheshti school of Medical Science.

It wasn’t until 1999 when Dr. Bahreman began serving as a visiting professor at EIOH, spending three months in New York, and then three months in Iran, continuing that pattern until 2003, when he stayed in Rochester and served as a full time professor, teaching and supervising patients in Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and General Dentistry.  In 2010 he was awarded the Iranpour Award for Excellence in Education.

Dr. Rossouw“It comes from the heart as I got to know Dr. Bahreman,” said Dr. Emile Rossouw, chair, EIOH Orthodontics Department.  “Dr. Bahreman is a gracious person, has many years of clinical experience, always willing to share his knowledge and needless to say, we all have something to learn from his wisdom.”

“Dr. Bahreman is an example of dedication and love to the art of dentistry, teaching and patient care,” said Abrahim Caroci, DMD, MSc, a resident in EIOH’s Pediatric Dentistry program. “He is extremely sharp, eager to share his knowledge, compassionate, very witty and charming.  He treats every patient with full devotion; he remembers every conversation, and makes patients to feel important and special.”

Linda Feruzza, administrator for EIOH Orthodontics, says Dr. Bahreman has the quality of a respectful “Elder Statesman” about him in the clinic and the classroom.  “He is sincere and compassionate about the children in need of early treatment,” she said, “and always has a sense of urgency about their treatment.”

EIOH Pediatric Dentistry Resident Dr. Morvarid Aletomeh said she is very fortunate to have been a student of Dr. Bahreman, who she refers to as a perfectionist. 

Dr. Aletomeh“I have spent more than one third of my life in post-secondary education and to this date I have never met a professor that is more passionate about teaching and sharing his years of knowledge than Dr. Bahreman!” said Dr. Morvarid Aletomeh, an EIOH pediatric dentistry resident. “He has such a gentle, loving soul, and at the same time a very tough teacher.”

Dr Hester"Dr. Bahreman is a very fastidious and compassionate orthodontist,” added Dr. Jordan Hester, also training to be a pediatric dentist at EIOH.  “He is always quick to help residents and patients."

“His memory is exceptional, his patience chair side is unlike any other and his dedication to us and patients unique,” added Dr. Aletomeh.  “Not only has he been instrumental in bringing the field of dentofacial orthopedics into our pediatric curriculum, but he has been an invaluable mentor in my path.”

Dr. Bahreman’s book Early Age Orthodontic Treatment was published in 2013 by Quintessence, and has been translated in South Korean and Japanese.  He is a Fellow of International College of Dentists and International Federation of Orthodontics, and is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.