Medical Device Technologies Advance

Oct. 22, 2014

drugsTwo University of Rochester technologies have made significant strides toward the market.  PharmAdva, a medical device manufacturer, is poised to enter the consumer market next year, and Raland Therapeutics is a finalist for the nation’s largest business ideas competition.

PharmAdva is manufacturing an automated home pill dispenser that was developed by UR neurologist Michel Berg, M.D.  The device can hold up to a three month supply of 16 different medications and notifies the patient when it is time to take a medication or refill a prescription.  It will also alert caregivers if the patient is not taking their medications.

PharmAdva will be moving into High Tech Rochester’s Lennox Tech Enterprise Center as the first company to participate in UR’s START-UP NY economic development program.  The company expects to start selling the device next year.  You can read more about PharmAdva here.

UR has also received a second patent for an implantable diagnostic chip that was developed by heart rhythm specialist Spencer Rosero, M.D.   The chip, which contains engineered living cells, can provide physicians with real time information and help head off health problems.

The technology is licensed to Raland Therapeutics and the company is one of eleven finalists from over 6,900 applicants in the 43North business competition.   You can read more about Raland Therapeutics here.