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BIG Scissors on the Move!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Noyes Health and Arc of Livingston-Wyoming Team Up to Help Make the Opening of a Small Brooklyn Healthcare Education Non-profit a Special Event!

Maybe you have heard of Livingston CARES, the collaborative county-wide partnership housed at SUNY Geneseo that has sent over twenty-five work groups to Harrison County, Mississippi to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, or our “Tools for Red Hook” project which sent a large box of much needed tools to devastated businesses in Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy, or our partnerships with many countries around the world, such as Ghana, where residents and business people have traveled to form positive partnerships and learn from each other. Livingston County has a history of caring and reaching out.

Here’s another story of a stranger connecting with organizations in Livingston County and, of course, things started to happened!

L to R: Italia Guerrero-Granshaw, Deputy Director Of Policy & Planning at Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, Johnie Owens-Turner, Vice President, Sejjghina Williams, Board Member, Maliyka Muhammad, Board Member, Luisa Coxall, Treasurer, Jessica Coxall, President and Founder and Kenneth Mbonu, Director of Economic Development, Bride Street Corporation

Cynthia Oswald, Director of the Foundation and PR for Noyes Health in Dansville received a call last May from a stranger, Jessica Coxall, President and founder of Coxall Health Information Center, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York. It seems Jessica, in preparation for the “Grand Opening” of her new nonprofit community healthcare information center had been surfing the net and came across a picture of a ribbon cutting at Noyes Health showing a pair of “BIG” scissors. She thought how lovely it would be to have a pair of these scissors for the opening of Coxall Health Information Center and possibly Noyes Health would let her borrow theirs. Jessica picked up the phone and made a call to a stranger, Cynthia.

“Because of the distance between us, at first, I thought it was an odd phone call, but working in nonprofits most of my life I have gone after some pretty crazy leads myself.” said Cynthia Oswald. Jessica explained that she was opening Coxall Health Information Center, Inc. a community-based non-profit formed for the purpose of providing health care education, health promotion, disease prevention and self-care health management. Jessica went on to say there is overwhelming need for higher quantity and quality health resources in Brooklyn.

Livingston County already has a relationship with Brooklyn through the SUNY Geneseo alumnus, developer and businessperson responsible for the Red Hook renaissance, Greg O’Connell. Much of the revitalization of Mount Morris Main Street, where Arc of Livingston-Wyoming is located and storefronts in other Livingston County towns, including Dansville, where Noyes Health is located, is due to Greg. Cynthia had just been in Brooklyn this past March to support Greg and Red Hook at the grand re-opening event for Fairway Market, which had been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Jessica had no idea of this relationship prior to her call to Cynthia.

“As I listened to Jessica I was impressed with this young woman’s goal to support her community and make it a better place to live through healthcare education and information and I wanted to help.” Cynthia expressed.

L to R: Jeff Thomas, Arc of Livingston-Wyoming PR Director, Chris Peterson, Executive Director, Arc Work Team:  Jim Bradley, Fred Ferrainolo, Mark Hathaway, Brandon Pepin, Jaun Padilla, Heather Bump, and Cynthia Oswald, Director - Noyes Health PR/Foundation.

Cynthia thought immediately of her friends at Arc of Livingston-Wyoming. They were the ones who had made her “BIG” scissors when she was president of the Livingston County Area Chamber of Commerce and had made her another pair when she moved to Noyes Health. She told Jessica she would contact Arc and see if they would be willing to make Jessica a pair of her own “BIG” scissors.

Sure enough Arc Executive Director Chris Peterson was onboard. Along with Public Relations Director, Jeff Thomas and Director of Day Services, Kellie Kennedy coordinating the effort the scissors were completed in no time and Arc volunteered to mail them off to Jessica and the new Coxall Health Information Center in Brooklyn!

Noyes Health and Arc of Livingston-Wyoming are major employers in Livingston County and as not-for-profits have similar missions of service to the community. Helping people is what they both do every day so it just made sense that Noyes and Arc would partner to help another organization across the state.

The bond of friendship has now been formed. There is an open invitation from Jessica for her new friends in Western New York to visit Coxall Health Information Center the next time they are in Brooklyn. We hope Jessica will have a chance to travel here and learn more about Noyes Health and Arc of Livingston-Wyoming. There may be many other ways in the future we can partner and learn from each other. Good luck and best wishes to Jessica and her staff from all of us in Livingston County!

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