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Mind over Matter! Noyes Health Silver Sneakers Group Holds Trivia Event!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Noyes Health Silver Sneakers Group, facilitated by Brenda Hoag, Instructor, held a Silver Sneakers Trivia Event followed by a luncheon on Thursday, August 28th at the Presbyterian Church on School Street in Dansville.

Trivia stations were set up with categories and questions to answer, along with physical activity and an exercise if the question could not be answered. Categories consisted of everything from Local History, World History, Presidents, Fun Facts, TV/Movies/Music and Noyes Health System. There were a lot of laughs and healthy competition as everyone tried to help each other answer questions and move around the stations.

Each station was hosted by a “celebrity professor”. Amy Pollard, Noyes Health CEO was one of the professors and also stayed for lunch and a chat with participants of the program. Other professors for the day were: Tara Coffey, Lifeline, Deb Dupont, Radiology/Us/MRI, Dawn Case, Physician Services Manager, Cynthia Oswald, Foundation/Public Relations and Karen Lamonica, community volunteer.

The Noyes Health Silver Sneakers Program has been operating for over a decade with weekly classes in Dansville.

For more information about Silver Sneakers or to sign up for the program please contact Brenda Hoag at: 585-335-4386.

Please contact Cynthia Oswald, Director of Noyes Health Public Relations, for more detailed information, call 585-335-4323, or visit our website at:

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(585) 275-3676

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