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Bethesda Foundation Supports EARS Lifeline at Noyes Health

Friday, April 3, 2015

Falls Happen... Lifeline Helps! For over 32 years, E.A.R.S. Lifeline has been the local provider of Medical Alert Services throughout the Noyes Health service area. Our goal is to help seniors and those with chronic health conditions to age in place at home. We provide those who need this added layer of protection with an easy and reliable way to obtain help 24 hours/day... if they should fall, have a mobility issue, or are sick and in need of help.

The program currently serves 725 active subscribers, all who live anywhere within 50 miles of the Noyes Hospital. In 2014, their FDA approved Lifeline equipment was used to call for help for 592 emergencies - over 75% due to falls!

In recent years, Philips Lifeline has increased their service options based on subscriber needs, and now includes: the AutoAlert fall detector help button, the NEW Wireless HomeSafe Lifeline (no phone... no problem!), the Philips Medication Dispenser (ensures the right med is taken at the right time), and our NEWEST medical alert service option is the GoSafe Mobile Lifeline that works in and away from home!!

Over the years, E.A.R.S Lifeline Program has been blessed with many donations to support their Lifeline equipment needs, to support older adults living at home. The program recently received a donation of $2125 from the Bethesda Foundation in Hornell that will be used to purchase seven new Lifeline units to serve the Hornell area.

The Bethesda Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to the funding and support of health related projects and scholarships in the Hornell Area. It was created in 1986 after the Bethesda Hospital closed in 1985. The income from the funds realized from the sale of assets of the Bethesda Hospital is used to help non-profit agencies furnish health related services to the population within the geographical area previously served by the Bethesda Hospital. The Bethesda Foundation is governed by a 24 member Board of Directors and their Mission is to support health related activities within the geographic area served by the original Bethesda Hospital.

The E.A.R.S. Lifeline Program is very grateful for this generous donation to support the needs of older adults living in the Hornell area. Patty Piper, Director of Noyes Community Outreach Services shared that, "We are always amazed what can be accomplished when we all WORK TOGETHER to meet the needs and improve the lives of our most vulnerable community residents."

For more information on this program and the various service options that you or a loved one could benefit from, call (585) 335-4359 or email or look for Lifeline and Med Dispensing under Community Services at

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