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Noyes Health Celebrates Physical Therapy New Space at Hospital in Dansville

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Please join Noyes Health in congratulating our Physical Therapy Department on their new Physical Therapy space at the hospital in Dansville!  The new space for Physical Therapy is part of the Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center project, as the previous Physical Therapy department will be renovated and used for Medical Oncology. A Ribbon-Cutting event and a Community Open House were held on April 8th and 9th.

The new area provides a larger waiting area, offices, a large exercise space, and several private treatment rooms. At Noyes Health Physical Therapy we treat a wide array of orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions with exercise, manual therapy, patient education, and modalities, such as electrical stimulation, traction, and ultrasound.  In many cases, we help individuals avoid surgery, decrease or abolish long term medication use, return to work or sport, recover from surgery, and generally live a healthier life with less pain!

Noyes Health Physical Therapy staff in both Dansville and Geneseo locations includes; Glenn Baughman, OT; Timothy Bressler, COTA; Giles Churchman, PTA; Michael Donegan, MHA, PT, DPT; Nicole Fink, OT, CHT; Sheila Greer, SLP; Dawn Johnston, PTA; Jessica Kershner, MSPT; Paul Kreher, MSPT; Zachary Mix, PT, DPT; Andrea Pearson, PT; Paula Rocha, PT; Dianne Trickey-Rokenbrod, OTD; Shelly Trim, PTA; and Marsha Wallace, PT.  And, the friendly support staff includes: Linda Naples in Geneseo and Hayley Kruchten in Dansville.

Physical Therapy started as a profession in the early part of the last century.  The polio epidemic brought about the need for formalized muscle strength testing and re-education in 1916.  In 1917, as the U.S. entered WWI, the army recognized the need to rehabilitate wounded soldiers.  The Division of Special Hospitals and Physical Reconstruction developed 15 "reconstruction aide" training programs, and this later developed into the profession of Physical Therapy.  Today, there are over 204,000 licensed Physical Therapists in the U.S.   We are proud to say we have some of the best and brightest here at Noyes Health! Thank you to our Physical Therapy Team for your dedication to the profession and the community you serve.

For more information or a tour of Noyes Health Physical Therapy, visit, Noyes Health’s Facebook Page, or contact Michael Donegan, Director of Diagnostic and Rehab Services, at or 585-335-4561.

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