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Noyes Health Celebrates National Lab Week 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lab Week offers us a chance to show our gratitude to all of our dedicated workers on the Noyes Health Laboratory team—pathologists, medical laboratory professionals, phlebotomists and the administrative support personnel who keep things moving along on a day to day basis.

We are certain you have seen the phlebotomists and technicians from the Noyes Health Laboratory as they go about their jobs of collecting blood specimens from all areas of the hospital. You may have even come inside the door to drop off a specimen. Since many medical laboratory professionals work "behind the scenes", few people know very much about the critically important testing that laboratories perform every day.

So what really goes on behind the doors of the lab? Do you imagine "mad scientists" and beakers and wild experiments?

Here is a sample of the just a few of the roles each of our staff must be able to perform every single day:

Software Expert: (Mover over Bill Gates!) In addition to being proficient in the MEDITECH applications of Blood Bank, Microbiology, Pathology, Laboratory, and LIS Shared, each analyzer we use comes with its own unique software program. Users must be able to move from analyzer to analyzer, knowing the specific details of each program.

Equipment Mechanics: (Mr. Goodwrench has nothing on us!) Our lab staff performs maintenance on all the analyzers we use. Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance is crucial to assuring accurate results. In addition, most of the troubleshooting and repair of these delicate instruments is performed by our staff. Hours are dedicated to analyzer care - we must know these analyzers inside and out.

Artists: (Michelangelo) Our staff can take the tiniest sample of tissue, embedded it in wax, and cut multiple pieces 4-6 microns thick! The sample is then treated with colorful stains to enhance the appearance of the cells when viewed microscopically. We examine the color and the consistency of bacterial colonies to identify the organisms.

Detectives: (Dr. Quincy is our hero!) We must hunt for the one abnormal cell on a slide of thousands. We investigate results that are abnormal by looking at all factors that may influence the result - ranging from what the patient might have ate the night before to the length of time the sample has been exposed to light.

Circus Performers: Okay, this is a stretch, but if you think about all of the juggling of phones, analyzers, timers, and tasks that we do, you will get the picture.

These are a few of the many roles that they play during the workday. They are also moms and dads, sisters and brothers, children and friends. The Medial Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Histotechs, Lab Assistants, Pathologists, Cytotechnologists, Phlebotomists and Clerical staff are so much more than mere scientists. Author: Diane Dale

Noyes is proud of all of the team members in our Laboratory Department, that serve a critical role with professionalism and courtesy at all times, in all areas of our organization.  Noyes Laboratory professionals work hard to ensure that critical information about our patients’ health is delivered accurately with minimal turnaround time. Medical Laboratory Professionals Week allows us to spotlight the important role that laboratory professionals play as a vital part of the patient care team at Noyes Health. We thank you for your hard work and dedication!

For more information visit, Noyes Health Facebook Page or contact Cynthia Oswald, Director of PR/Foundation or 585-335-4323.

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