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Creekside Family Medicine


Thank you for choosing Creekside Family Medicine as your primary care provider!

At Creekside, we are a Patient-Centered Medical Home. We are a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining your optimal health and working with you to manage your individual healthcare needs.

In practice, what that means is that instead of finding out what is going on with your health when you go in for an appointment, all of the Creekside team will be on the same page, all the time. It’s that level of familiarity which MEDICAL HOME is meant to convey. We want you to feel “at home” with your health care.

The Creekside team is concerned with whole person care, including behavioral health needs. The care team provides access to evidence-based care, patient and family education and self-management support. 

The office provides lab draws, medication injections, and geriatric and diabetic care.

The practice provides equal access to care for all of their patients regardless of source of payment and provides information for obtaining insurance for patients without it.

The practice assists in helping new patients migrate their personal health records from their previous provider to coordinate a smooth transition. A HIPAA compliant medical release form is provided for patient signature by the front office staff.

We promise timely communication for follow up and orders, and offer accessibility through a patient portal and electronic medical records for specialists, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities.

What We Ask of You

The practice functions most effectively as a medical home if patients provide a complete medical history and information about care obtained outside the practice.

Ultimately, we want to help you take responsibility for your health. You are the most important part of your healthcare team. The power to give yourself the best care possible is in your hands. Share our healthcare team goals by following important guidelines:

  • Communicate your health and needs with our team.
  • Share any updates on medications, dietary supplements, or remedies you’re using and any questions you may have about them.  Please bring in medications you currently take, including inhalers and injections.
  • Tell us when you see another health care provider so we can add them to your team and help coordinate your care.
  • Do your best to keep scheduled appointments.  If you can’t, call to reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Feel free to ask questions about your care, tell us when you don’t understand something, and ask for information about how to stay as healthy as possible.
  • Work with us to develop and follow a plan that’s best for your health.
  • Contact us after-hours at 585-335-3096 if you feel your issue cannot wait until the next day.
  • Feel comfortable working with members of your extended care team, and be open to discussing health and wellness coaching, education and advice.
  • Offer any feedback you may have to help us improve our care

After Hours

If you have an emergency, call 911.

If it's an urgent matter outside of office hours, please proceed either to Noyes Urgent Care at 50 E. South Street in Geneseo, or to St. James Urgent Care at 7309 Seneca Road N., Suite 103, in Hornell. 

For New Patients

Download the New Patient Information Form and fill out.

If your appointment date is fairly soon and you don’t have time to mail it back, please bring it with you to your appointment.

We require that you arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early (or 30 minutes early if you were unable to fill out the new patient forms ahead of time) so that our staff can register all your information in our computer system, which will assist in making your appointment run more smoothly and efficiently. We kindly ask that you please bring your insurance card and a photo ID, as well as your current medication bottles.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you please call us 24 hours in advance to reschedule. We do charge a $25 No Show fee, which will be billed to you directly if you do not show for your appointment and have not called to reschedule or cancel your appointment in advance.

If you have any questions about any of the forms we ask you to read and fill out, or if you have any questions regarding your visit, please feel free to contact our office at (607) 545-0032 during our regular business hours, which are Monday– Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The billing is done by Noyes Health business office. If at any time you have a billing question, please contact the billing department at (585) 335-6038.

Please see the link below for our Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) responsibilities.