Outpatient Nutrition Services

A variety of Outpatient Nutritional Services are offered at URMC to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to patients. Below is list of Registered Dietitians and services they provide. Please note comments for certain disease states or practice information.

Adult Nutrition

Cardiac Rehab
2400 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY
Colleen Thompson, RD, CDE
Appointments: 585-341-7100

Healthy Living Center
46 Prince St. Rochester, NY
Kimberly Povec, RD
Appointments: 585-530-2050
Services include: Weight loss, pre-diabetes, medical nutrition therapy

Lattimore Women’s Health
125 Lattimore Rd. Rochester, NY
Lisa Modesti, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2691
To note: Patients must be a patient of the practice

Pluta Cancer Center
125 Red Creek Rd. Rochester, NY
Sue Czap, RD
Pluta Cancer Center:585-486-0654
Comprehensive Breast Care at Pluta:585-486-0654
Lattimore Gyn Oncology: 585-442-8020

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation: Sports Medicine
Rachel Reeves, RD
Appointments: 585-341-9150

Outpatient Nutrition Support Clinic
601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Linda Lord, NP
Tube feeding and parenteral (IV) nutrition
Appointments: 585-275-3995

Strong Internal Medicine General Outpatient Adult Nutrition
601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY
Tricia Mathew, RD
Appointments: 585-275-5681
Fax: 585-273-1041

UHS on River Campus
Heather Fiore, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2662

Wilmot Cancer Center
601 Wilmot Cancer Center Rochester, NY
Joanna Lipp, RD
Appointments: 585-275-5823, ask for the dietitian’s scheduler
To note: Patients must have a cancer diagnosis and be under treatment with a Wilmot Cancer Institute physician.


Pediatric Nutrition

Kirch Developmental Center in the Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (NDBP)
601 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY

Brianne Schmidt, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2986 ask to speak with Lisa Snow
Link to department website: https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/childrens-hospital/developmental-disabilities/services/kirch/services/Pediatric-Feeding-Disorders.aspx

Peds Endocrine Clinic
Kathy Ippolito, RD
Peds Clinic: 585-275-7153

Adolescent Medicine
Betsy Crumb, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2964

Pediatric GI
Elizabeth Carnes, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2647

Outpatient Nutrition
Donna Quinzi, RD
Appointments: 585-275-7153

Ketogenic Diet (Pediatric Epilepsy Program)
Kelly Russo, RD
Appointments: 585-275-2808