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Maternal Disease

These videos describe the impact of maternal diseases on the fetus and the mother during pregnancy.

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Video: Early Detection of Septic Shock
Item #: 1013
Explains the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of severe sepsis and sepsis shock. Runtime: 8 min 53 sec
Video: Plasmapheresis To Treat Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Purpura
Item #: 1216
Donna Cimbalo, R.N., explains the process of plasmapheresis. Runtime: 5 min 50 sec
Video: Cancer and Pregnancy: A Woman's Perspective
Item #: 1129A
A woman shares her experience as a patient in the healthcare system while battling cancer during her pregnancy. Runtime: 9 min 12 sec
Video: Management of a Postoperative Hematoma
Item #: 1205
The management of a postoperative hematoma is demonstrated in this video. Runtime: 3 min 31 sec
Video: PKU: A Patient's Story
Item #: 1220
A patient shares here experiences with PKU and its impact on her life and her pregnancies.
Video: Proteinuria and Preeclampsia
Item #: 1108
This video discusses proteinuria and preeclampsia. Runtime: 3 min 10 sec
Video: The Interstitial Glucose Monitor
Item #: 1126-1
Describes a patient's view on interstitial blood glucose monitoring. Runtime: 7 min 46 sec
Video: Cancer and Pregnancy: A Husband's Perspective
Item #: 1129B
A husband describes his experience with the healthcare system as he watched his wife battle cancer during her pregnancy. Runtime: 12 min 15 sec
Video: The Insulin Pump
Item #: 1126-2
A patient describes her experience using the insulin pump. Runtime: 11 min 15 sec
Video: Migraines
Item #: 1505
This video explores how migraines effect a person's life from a patient's point of view. Runtime: 10 min 42 sec
Video: Obesity in Pregnancy
Item #: 1309
Obesity respresents one of the most significant health risks today. This video explains the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Runtime: 3 min 46 sec