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About Us

Dr. Eva Pressman

Dr. Eva Pressman
Henry A. Thiede Professor and Chair,
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chair's Office: (585) 275-5201

Women's health historically has progressed from a focus on the conditions related to the female reproductive tract to now include the diverse set of conditions that affect women differentially, such as depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, breast disease, and dermatologic conditions.

As well, it has been recognized that women are often the decision-makers about health care in the family; thus, attracting women to URMC will likely attract their children and other family members to the many excellent services of care available.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is well positioned to adopt this broader perspective about the provision of women's health care. Our mission must be to advance women's health across the generations.  We must strive to be the preeminent provider of women's health care spanning the geographic area from Cleveland, OH, to Albany, NY, recognizing that women will travel for cure but not for prevention.

Our focus should therefore be on treatment of illness for patients geographically distant from us, and for both prevention and treatment for those closer in. This vision mandates an appreciation of the synergy between University faculty and community physicians, the importance of teaching women's health care to care providers and the public locally and nationally, the value of focused basic and clinical research, the need to establish financial stability within our health care system through fundraising, and the merit of providing quality health care irrespective of race or socioeconomic status.

We are at a unique moment in the evolution of women's health care in Rochester. The University of Rochester has the creativity, the care providers, the community support, and the expertise to establish itself as among the very best in the country. Now is the time to meet that challenge.