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Housing in RochesterThe University of Rochester's Office for Residential Life maintains six apartment complexes that serve graduate students, medical students, and postgraduate trainees, including residents and fellows of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. Their most attractive features are convenient locations and reasonable rents. Each of these complexes has close-by off-street parking, coin-operated laundry facilities, and University bus service.

People with children will find safe playgrounds at University Park and Whipple Park. These two complexes, as well as the Graduate Living Center Maisonettes, have broad lawn areas nearby for ball playing and other activities. On the other hand, Goler House (a high-rise apartment building) and University Towne House (a low-rise, corridor-style building) provide a more urban atmosphere, and they are closer to stores, restaurants, and public transportation.

The University also maintains an Off-Campus Housing Database. It includes available properties, contact information for local real estate agents, and other pertinent information. You must register, create an online account, and log in to gain access to the database. Off Campus Housing

Community Living Program

Community Living ProgramThe Community Living Program (CLP), a service of the Office for Residential Life, supports students, faculty, and staff seeking housing in the Rochester community. CLP provides a variety of referral and apartment-hunting services for members of the University who cannot be accommodated in University housing or who prefer to live elsewhere in the community. CLP has a comprehensive computerized index of apartments, rooms, and homes for rent—including both advertised offerings and listings placed with the office particularly for University people. The office has locator maps, local bus schedules, and telephones for inquiring about apartments and houses for rent. CLP staff provides helpful hints about local services, and neighborhoods and has information about lease agreements and other matters of concern to renters.

Many landlords in the Rochester community use CLP as their exclusive means of advertising. As a result, the CLP directory contains many listings that cannot be found elsewhere.

While CLP is a source of information and referral for non-University housing, it does not and cannot function as a real estate agent or rental agent. The individual must make the choice of living quarters and handle the business arrangements independently.

It is difficult if not impossible to select a place to live and agree on terms without an in-person visit. Also, the most desirable accommodations are often rented by mid-August. So, if you elect to seek private housing, or if you have not received an "offer to lease" a University apartment at least three weeks prior to your desired date of occupancy, consider coming to Rochester one to two weeks before you start your academic program.

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