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Cancellation of Treatment Cycle

There are a number of reasons that a treatment cycle will be cancelled and need to be rescheduled.

  • If there is an ovarian cyst on baseline ultrasound, the cycle will be postponed, usually for about a month. You will be put back on the birth control pill and be brought back to repeat ultrasound prior to Lupron start.
  • If the baseline estrogen level is elevated, it means the Lupron has not taken full effect. We will postpone the cycle for a week and repeat the estrogen level before starting follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).
  • If blood estrogen levels remain low after FSH begins, the cycle may be cancelled (about 20% of the time).
  • If only one or two follicles develop during the cycle (about 5% of the time).
  • If the egg(s) are not successfully retrieved (about 1% of the time), the cycle must be abandoned.
  • If the egg(s) fail to fertilize (about 5-7% of the time), embryo transfer cannot be performed.
  • Any abnormally fertilized eggs will not be transferred. If in the same treatment cycle both normal and abnormal fertilization occurs, only normally fertilized eggs will be transferred. Polyspermy is the only detectable abnormality which would result in a fertilized eggs not being transferred.
  • In rare cases, ovulation may occur prematurely despite Lupron therapy and an egg retrieval would not be performed.