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DVD Video Series

Some DVDs consist of several videos focused on a single theme. Others cover a range of topics on a single DVD. Enhance your educational resources library with this high-impact DVD series.

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DVD Video Series: Patient Safety
Item #: DVS1
Patient Safety has become the cornerstone of good patient care. This DVD contains five videos on Patient Safety to help get the discussion started: 1. Hand Hygiene; 2. Simulation in Obstetrics; 3. Respect Sharps- Protect Yourself; 4. Universal Precautions for Obstetric Care Providers; and 5. Preventing Medication Errors. (This DVD will be mailed.)
DVD Series: Physiology of the Fetus and Newborn: Volume 1
Item #: DVS2
Understanding physiology of the fetus, placenta and newborn is fundamental for safe obstetric and neonatal care. This DVD contains five videos analyzing critical aspects of fetal development and transition to newborn. The titles include: 1. Fetal Circulation, 2. Transitioning from fetus to newborn, 3. Imaging the fetal heart, 4. Examining the placenta, and 5. Nutrition and pregnancy: Folic acid. (This DVD will be mailed.)