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Children With Special Care Needs After Delivery

Many of the babies in our practice have physical or genetic reasons to need specialist care at delivery.  Additionally, there are many other women in our practice for complications or challenges with either the mother or the baby (or babies!) that increase the risk of early delivery.   Our patients deliver at Strong Memorial Hospital with direct support of and access to the pediatric team of the Golisano Children’s Hospital

As part of your care, you may be referred to meet with the Neonatal (NICU) team before delivery. This meeting is at our Prenatal Supportive Care Clinic (PSCC) on Friday mornings. During this visit you will meet the physicians that work in the NICU to begin developing a care plan for your baby/babies after delivery. You will also be offered a tour of the NICU and Labor and Delivery facilities, and meet with the NICU Social Work team to discuss planning for prolonged admission, Ronald McDonald housing options, and other family support needs.  We are also able to assist you in selecting a pediatrician if your baby will require special care after delivery.