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Sports Medicine

Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training - Giving you the edge

Whether you play a competitive high school or college sport, or are working to achieve your personal best as an athlete, the UR Medicine Athletic Performance Program can help you improve your overall strength and physical condition.

An evidence-based approach to enhancing your athletic ability.

Our comprehensive 12-week program is unlike any other in the area. It helps boost athletic performance systematically by providing:

  • A team of experts, including certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, dietitians, pain management specialists and orthopaedic and rehabilitation physicians, who work together to develop a customized training program for each athlete.
  • Strength, cardio and agility training, all based on your specifc sport and personal needs to maximize your physical performance.
  • Advanced training facilities and equipment to help you reach your athletic goals and obtain optimal results.
  • Education on skills that are needed to reduce your chances of injury. Our movement-based training approach teaches you to move and strengthen your body to prepare for your sport and everyday life.
  • Integrated training and services, conveniently offered at our facility or on-site at your school or sports facility.

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