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Visiting Medical Student Subinternship

Applying for Visiting Medical Student Subinternship

The Orthopaedic Surgery Sub-internship rotation is open primarily to medical students who plan to apply for a position in the University of Rochester Orthopaedic Surgery residency program. During the month at Rochester, sub-interns will be integrated into the resident-led patient care teams. Students typically are assigned to two subspecialty teams, spending two weeks on each. The University of Rochester has a unique curriculum for sub-interns which is geared toward preparation for a career in Orthopaedics, and has been very well received by previous participants. Each group of sub-interns has substantial interaction with faculty including both the Program Director and the Chair.

Timeline and How to Apply

  • Review of external medical student applications begin April 1st
  • 4 week rotation, monthly basis — first rotation month of July, and final rotation month of October
  • To be considered for the subinternship, you must meet the requirements of both the Office of the Registrar and the Department of Orthopaedics.

To apply for the subinternship:

All visiting medical students interested in participating in the University of Rochester Orthopaedic Surgery Subinternship must apply through VSAS "Visiting Student Application Service." If the visiting medical student also happens to be interested in applying for residency training in orthopaedic surgery, they must also apply through ERAS (in addition to VSAS). We recognize that not all visiting medical students will also apply for the residency training program.  Historically, a remarkably high percentage of subinternship students are granted interviews AND a high percentage of subinterns who interview match at the University of Rochester Orthopaedics.

Supply supporting documentation:

  • Curriculum vitae: The University of Rochester Orthopaedics will obtain a copy of a potential visiting student’s CV from VSAS.  U of R students: please submit a copy directly to our office (contact information below).
  • Personal statement: Our office will obtain a copy of a visiting student’s personal statement from VSAS.  Limit to 250 words, and explain why you are interested in completing a subinternship within the Department of Orthopaedics.
  • Transcript: Our office will obtain a copy of the medical school transcript for visiting students from VSAS. For U of R students, please submit a copy directly to our office.
  • USMLE: Copy of USMLE scores

Application Process and Timeline

Once all required materials are received and approved by the University of Rochester School Of Medicine, the U of R SOM will contact the Department of Orthopaedics for review of completed application.

Once the application review is complete and a decision is made regarding acceptance, the Office of the Registrar from the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine will contact students.

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