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Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Department Investigators

Brendan F. Boyce Osteoclast & osteoblast pathophysiology, preclinical models
Lianping Xing Osteoclast pathophysiology in arthritis
Robert A. Mooney Obestity/type2 diabetes & bone pathology
Ping Tang Bone metastasis of breast cancer
Zhenqiang Yao Bone cell regulation

Current Awards

Brendan F. Boyce Studies of the fate of the osteoclast (NIH)
Lianping Xing Role of TNF alpha in osteoclast-mediated bone loss (NIH)
Robert A. Mooney Diabetes and S. aureus oseomyelitis (AO Trauma)
Ping Tang Predicting bone metastasis of breast cancer (NYS)

Interdepartmental Collaborations


Laura Calvi Hematopoietic-osteoblastic interactions

Orthopaedics (Center for Musculoskeletal Research)


Hani Awad Musculoskeletal tissue engineering, in vivo and in vitro
Jennifer Jonason Skeletal development,signaling mechanisms that govern stem cell differentiation
J. Edward Puzas Regulation of osteoblast activity
Eddie Schwarz Preclinical models of arthritis
Michael Zusick Chondrocytes and mechanisms of osteoarthritis

Rush University Medical Center

Di Chen Canonical Wnt signaling and mesenchymal stem cell differentiation


Jennifer Anolik

Role of B cells in pathophysiology of human systemic lupus and the study of new immuno-modulatory treatments for lupus
Christopher Ritchlin Mechanisms of bone resorption and formation, the effect of anti-TNF agents on dendritic cell differentiation and the mechanisms for bone marrow edema in PsA and RA

Educational Opportunities

  • Center for Musculoskeletal Research faculty are thesis advisors for several students in our Pathology Ph.D. program
  • Drs. Boyce, Mooney and Xing participate in the Orthopaedics training grant (T32)
  • Orthopaedic case review conference

Clinical Highlights

  • Bone and soft tissue pathologists: Brendan Boyce, David Hicks, Xi Wang
  • Subspecialized bone histology lab for bone and soft tissue histopathology
  • Extensive immunohistochemistry panel
  • Full menu of clinical chemistry assays including bone disease related markers: P1NP; CTX; Urinary NTX; Intact PTH; 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D by tandem MS